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Linseal OKO Puncture Protection 12 x 1 litre
Linseal OKO tyre sealant is an advanced solution comprising specially treated and secret constituents held in suspension to provide a carefully engineered matrix. Thats the science bit out of the way - simply, when installed in your tyres, Linseal OKO puncture protection seals punctures as they happen - instantaneously, effecting a permanent seal with negligible loss of air pressure. We have been selling this product for many years, and can wholeheartedly recommend it simply because once our customers buy it, they come back for more. It is specially formulated to provide long term puncture protection for all your off road machinery. However, we do not recommend this (or any other) product for use in cars or motorcycles used on the highway, as we believe this is not a market that particularly suffers from punctures, and there is a serious question over the effect of wheel balance. For safety's sake, 2 tons of metal and plastic travelling at 70mph or more deserves a professional permanent vulcanised puncture repair. Box of 12 bottles for only
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