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Accu-Track Laser 4 Wheel Alignment System
The Accu-Track 4 wheel alignment system is in daily use in hundreds of garages, service centres and tyreshops. The cordless model 2200 system is contained on a wall mounted docking station which automatically recharges the long life powerpacks ready for the next use. An illumated display panel is included, which can be mounted on top of the docking station or separately in your sales area. The system uses four highly accurate laser beams between the two front wheels and between the front and rear wheels to allow the user to quickly check and adjust front toe, rear toe, setback, thrust angle and more. The system will also automatically centralise the steering wheel at the 12 o'clock position. With the optional electronic gauge, camber and caster angles can also be quickly and easily checked and adjusted. Are you missing out on this high profit business? Wall mounted system
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